Product Description

Satellite-Synchronized Clock

Compact, precision-time device for limited space and high-accuracy timing to ±100 nanoseconds.



Precise Time for Recloser Control—Install in harsh environments, including outdoor recloser control enclosures or other locations requiring a small size and tough construction. The SEL-2401 Satellite-Synchronized Clock provides accurate operation from –40° to +80°C (–40° to +176°F) and is compliant with IEEE C37.90 and IEC 60255.

Accurate Time Synchronization—Synchronize field installations by using a GPS time source and a demodulated IRIG-B output. The SEL-2401 provides ±100 ns timing accuracy for IEEE C37.118 control function extensions for synchrophasors as well as event correlation and reporting.

Timing for Small Substations—Install with relays and digital fault recorders inside small substations. Synchronize up to 20 devices from one IRIG-B output. The SEL-2401 is FCC Part 15, Class A emissions-certified for industrial sites.

Accurate Time Synchronization—Provide timing signals to phasor measurement units (PMUs) as part of a synchronized phasor measurement and control (synchrophasor) system.


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