Product Description

Protection System

The SEL-351A Protection System has built-in Ethernet and IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors, and is the economical solution for overcurrent protection. Easy-to-use feeder protection and innovative features like SEL’s Best Choice Ground Directional Element logic and SELogic control equations provide superior protection on utility and industrial power systems.



Comprehensive Protection—Provide primary or backup overcurrent protection on distribution feeders with sensitive phase, negative-sequence, residual, and neutral overcurrent protection elements.

Relay Access Convenience—Access basic relay information on a standard Ethernet network with the built-in web server. Securely update firmware and view relay status, settings, and other read-only information within a local network.

Protection Scheme Security—Set the bus overcurrent backup relay close to maximum bus load current levels by using load-encroachment logic to increase security in the system.

Fault Location—Estimate fault locations accurately and reduce total costs by eliminating the need for expensive communications channels, special instrument transformers, prefault information, or line crews to travel the distance of the line for visual fault inspection.

Optimized Asset Utilization—Validate system load flow and fault models by using instantaneous voltage angles from IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors. Use system-state measurements to increase stable system loading through reduced margin requirements.


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