Product Description

Rack-Mount Remote I/O Module

The SEL-2506 Rack-Mount Remote I/O Module has eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and a fiber-optic communications port. Connect an SEL-2506 to a fiber-optic port or transceiver on a protective relay to add digital I/O. Or, wire the SEL-2506 I/O to relay I/O to add  SEL Mirrored Bits teleprotection.



Protection and Monitoring—Add simple bus protection using contact inputs and outputs from existing relays. Provide secure pilot communications for existing two- and three-terminal line applications. Add local or remote trip- and close-coil monitoring capability.

I/O Contact Expansion—Economically extend the number of I/O contacts on SEL relays that are Mirrored Bits communications-compatible.

Comprehensive Device Compatibility—Add Mirrored Bits communications to any protective relay (digital or electromechanical) or other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) for advanced communications-based protection.

Enhanced System Reliability—Reduce or eliminate ground potential rise between IEDs by using fiber-optic links instead of conventional switchboard wiring.


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