Product Description

Remote I/O Module

The SEL-2505 Remote I/O Module has eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and a fiber-optic communications port. Use two optical fibers instead of 32 wires between outdoor or remote equipment and the control building to reduce costs, improve safety, and boost reliability. Or, connect an SEL-2505 to a fiber-optic port or transceiver on a protective relay to add digital I/O. Wire the SEL-2505 I/O to relay I/O to add  SEL Mirrored Bits teleprotection.



Protection and Monitoring—Add simple bus protection using contact inputs and outputs from existing relays. Provide secure pilot communications for existing two- and three-terminal line applications. Add local or remote trip- and close-coil monitoring capability.

I/O Contact Expansion—Economically extend the number of I/O contacts on SEL relays that are Mirrored Bits communications compatible.

Comprehensive Device Compatibility—Add Mirrored Bits communications to any protective relay (digital or electromechanical) or other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) for advanced communications-based protection.

Enhanced System Reliability—Reduce or eliminate ground potential rise between IEDs by using fiber-optic links instead of conventional switchboard wiring.


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