Product Description

Protection System

The SEL-351 Protection System has built-in Ethernet and IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors, and is ideal for directional overcurrent applications. Optional Mirrored Bits communications and power quality monitoring add flexibility to solutions. The SEL-351 is the protection standard for utility and industrial electrical systems around the world.



Breaker Failure Detection—Detect a failed circuit breaker quickly with built-in fast-reset breaker failure detection elements and logic.

Pilot Protection Schemes—Apply pilot protection on transmission, subtransmission, or distribution circuits, including three-terminal lines with traditional pilot communications equipment or with optional Mirrored Bits communications.

Grounded Power System Protection—Apply sensitive directional overcurrent protection for Petersen Coil grounded, ungrounded, and impedance-grounded power systems.

Service Restoration—Dispatch line crews to quickly isolate overhead line problems and restore service faster using the built-in fault locator.

Enhanced Circuit Breaker Monitoring—Schedule circuit breaker maintenance based on need as determined from detailed breaker monitoring data and alarms.



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